hit by another phishing scam hit by another phishing scam. hit by another phishing scam


Online hotel booking platform has been hit by another phishing scam with hoteliers being targeted.

The scheme focused on hotel commissions to be paid to, with a rogue email claiming the back office automatic payment system had malfunctioned.

Hotel owners were then directed to an imitation branded page to remit their monthly fees. said it became aware of the scam two weeks ago, when a hotelier became suspicious after sending a payment.

According to the company ‚incidents appear to be limited,‘ however a report claims sources have said a large number of hotels could have been affected.

One hotelier is said to have paid tens of thousands of Euros to the bogus account.

The company said in a statement: „A dedicated security team is working with our Hotels Department and Customer Relations teams to detect attacks and contact and support accommodation partners who may have been affected.

„We will work with all banks to attempt to freeze the fraudulent bank accounts where possible.

„We are communicating with law enforcement, and we continue to support the authorities with their investigations. We advise all partners to contact us immediately if they suspect is being referenced in a phishing email they receive.“

This is the second scam to hit in a matter of months.

In November, a reported 10,000 customers were affected by a widespread phishing scam.

Monday, February 23, 2015 /


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